Chemistry of photoresponsive systems

Welcome to the webpage of the group "Chemistry of Photoresponsive Systems."


Our research focuses on the synthesis and development of systems that respond to light irradiation for imaging, exploration, and analysis of living organisms. These systems primarily consist of fluorescent small molecules, but may also include fluorescent polymers or nanoparticles. We are particularly interested in photomodulation, which involves structural or electronic changes occurring upon light irradiation, leading to significant changes in photophysical and/or chemical properties. These properties, including photoconversion, photoswitching, or photocleavage, respectively, enable tracking, imaging at higher resolutions, or the controlled release of molecules in living systems.

Our group relies on a triptych of interconnected skills:


  • Chemistry, specializing in organic synthesis and multistep synthesis.
  • Photophysics, employing various spectroscopic techniques.
  • Bioimaging, utilizing various fluorescent microscopy methods.
  • The Chemistry of Photoresponsive Systems (CPS) group offers a comprehensive training through the design and synthesis of products that are thoroughly analyzed by spectroscopy and directly applicable in bioimaging.