Dr. Kyong T. FAM

(PhD student 2017-2019)

Currently: Postdoctoral Associate at Scripps Research (La Jolla, California, USA)

Dr. Sophie Bou

(Master 2 and & PhD student 2018-2021)

*Prix de these de l’Université de Strasbourg 2022

Currently: R&D Project Manager - Product Development at Catalent Pharma Solutions

Dr. Tarushyam Mukherjee

(Visiting PhD student from Sriram Kanvah group 2020)

Currently: Postdoctoral Associate at RWTH Aachen University

Ophélie Dal Pra

(Master 2 student 2022)

Currently: PhD student at CNRS UMR 5255- Institut des Sciences Moléculaires, Team IPM - University of Bordeaux.

Sophie Michelis

(Master 2 student 2022)

Currently: PhD student at École Normale Supérieure Paris.

Jean-Baptiste Florin

(Master 2 student 2021)

Currently: R&D Biogas Engineer at TotalEnergies

Dr. Lazare Saladin

(PhD student 2019-2023)

*Prix de thèse Sciences Physico-chimiques 2023 : Académie nationale de Pharmacie 2023

Currently:Postdoctoral Associate in the group of chromatin labeling and imaging Department of Nanobiophotonics; Max Planck Institute for Multidisciplinary Sciences. Pr. Stefan Hell (Nobel prize awardee) lab.